Modern Portable Laptop Stand

Modern Portable Laptop Stand

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Stay cozy and comfortable while catching up on your tech anywhere with this Modern Portable Laptop Stand. Thinner, slimmer and more ergonomic than the traditional laptop stands in the market, this flip base stand remains practically hidden when not in use. Pop it open when needed and then fold down when done.

This one’s something that all techies and gadget addicts will absolutely love! Imagine having the most comfortable experience while working, studying, or just checking in your social media at work, school, coffee shop, or airport! This one guarantees just that!

Using a laptop on a stand like this has shown to improve posture by promoting proper spinal, neck alignment, and reduces the risk of long-term injury by promoting good ergonomic posture.

Recommended for those who put in long hours on their laptops for work, students and freelancers. Adjust the viewing angle by positioning the laptop stand a number of ways. It adheres to the back of your laptop using pre-installed adhesive that supports a clean, easy, no-damage removal.

Easy to use, simply peel off the adhesive cover and apply to the back of your laptop. The special adhesive is heat resistant so it won’t come off when your laptops temperature increases. Easy to remove, all you need to do is pull on the stand and it will slide off.

Use your laptop comfortably anytime, anywhere!
Conveniently attaches and detaches from your laptop without leaving a single mark or scratch.
Improves user comfort, and helps correct posture while using your laptop.
Fully detachable, can be use again and again with the same strength, effectiveness, and sensitivity.
Adjustable Viewing Angle – Multi-Way Flip Stand.
Accommodates Up to 15.6 inch Laptop Computers.
Built to Withstand Devices Weighing Up to 18lbs.