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Modern Kiddobrush

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One of the biggest issues for any parent is getting their kids to brush their teeth. When kids finally do brush, it may not be effective and certainly not fun.

Modern Kiddobrush™ is a Fun solution for kids! It takes away the headache of a daily “chore” and makes brushing FUN! And guess what…parents like it too!

The Fun Solution!

Modern Kiddobrush™ brushes all your children’s teeth at once for a complete clean in just ten seconds. Recommended for kids from 3 years to 12 years old.


Our Modern Kiddobrush™ uses sonic technology creates a unique cleaning action that forces fluid between teeth and along the gums to dislodge plaque, in a gentle yet effective cleaning for kids. In general, the advantage of a sonic toothbrush is that it cleans teeth beyond just conventional tooth scrubbing, it also creates a secondary cleaning action that helps to disrupt dental plaque beyond where the tips of the bristles actually touch.

The Modern Kiddobrush™ mouthpiece is soft enough to provide a gentle clean but strong enough to clean your teeth effectively.

How to use our Modern Kiddobrush™ in 4 easy steps?

Step 1: Charge until full.

Step 2: Put your favorite toothpaste inside the brush guard.

Step 3: Ready to use, put inside your kid’s mouth and let Modern Kiddobrush™ do the brushing.

Step 4: Modern Kiddobrush™ can be easily cleaned by water after use.

Additional information :

360° care effect
Battery: 40 uses
100% silicone
Weight: 110g